We are a nonprofit NGO that focuses on giving people the ability to fly.
No discrimination involved. Everyone will fly!
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Don't Be Shy.. Just Fly

What Can We Do For You?

Make You Fly

It is simply your right. You will eventually find that you should have asked for it your whole life. You are a human and you have it all, why not fly!

Make You Not Shy

Do you think that you are too fat to fly? Don't worry. We can lift you to wherever, cuz, you know, it's not about your body, of course.

Make You High

There is a kind of pleasure that you feel while flying. Not everyone experienced that, however, you can. You know why? Cuz you are not alone, anymore.

You Can

Start My Journey

Our Journeys Always Start.. When We Are Falling Apart

And when we lose hope.. and sadness draws a chart

But because we have a heart, and because we are smart

We will collect every part, of our soul and restart!

Cuz what we hope for is not.. to be thin or to be hot

Real Happiness is in sharing, and in loving and in caring

Together we can fly! Forever live and never die